Karl Stanley

Learn 4 Awesome Facts about Facebook Platform

How to


Facebook is the top-ranked social platform, and there are millions of online users connected. Daily many new users are also joining it and in which you have to maintain your profile to communicate with various users. The user can also get informative content, and it is handy to use. The mobile device is suitable for it, and we also go on the official website. I am also using Facebook and curious who viewed my facebook profile, for that we can use additional apps.

Install the mobile app by the android store, and it is free to use. The lite version of facebook is also present on the internet. In this article, we are telling some interesting facts about it.

Post your thoughts

The facebook is for posting many things, and we can share our opinions, thoughts, poetry, etc. the user can get the likes and comments with it. The platform is read for everyone, and you can also read new news and informative content.

Share photos and videos

Photos and videos are part of entertainment and on the facebook server around millions of posts is daily uploading. The user can also share his happy moments with relatives and friends. Some editing tools are also available for polishing the pictures and videos. it gives the authority of delete the unwanted photos of our.

Chat with multiple users

We can find new friends, and for that, we can send a request. The chat option is working without accepting your request, but it is only for the unrestricted users. One messenger is also for chatting and in which the users use different stickers.

Profile with status

Live status is cool features of the facebook, and by that, you can post multiple photos. It is active for 24 hours, and after that, it disappears automatically.