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Episode Choose Your Story – Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Episode Choose Your Story is a game which is based on the stories. It is created by Episode Interactive studio for the users of Android and IOS. The game is fully free to download, and you can use the real world money in it to buy the specific items in needy time. You need only 76 MB space in your mobile phone to access it. The game is gaining more popularity in the teenagers, and till now it is installed by the millions of people.

The game allows publishing your own life story to get more popularity. It is better for the players to spend some time on the creation of a character. The game has the largest collection of the different stories you have many of option to write a best one by trying Episode Hack.





Modes of stories          

  • The game gives you the opportunity to real a lot of stories, and THE BABY PROJECT is one of them. In it, you can enjoy the more drama of high school students.
  • Just like the stories of T.V serials you have to solve the mystery in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.
  • It is important to add some romance in these types of games, and you can read a lot of stories in I MARRIED A PRINCE.
  • In the game, you have the option to make relation with friends, love, and fans in an episode of PATH OF FAME.

In these all stories you can find many of different characters. It is better to choose your favorite story to give your best to improve the performance.


In my opinion, it is better for all the players to use the guides to know more about these stories. Read all type of stories, because it helps you to clear all the basics.

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