Karl Stanley

Core Guide about the 3 Major Currencies in NBA Live Mobile


Youngsters confine to mobile gaming, and they are spending much time on huge numbers of games. Today one of the famous games is NBA Live Mobile. It is based on sports, and the game is published by the Electronic Arts.  In which we can enjoy the real-time basketball matches and test our playing skills.  Some legends are also available in it, and the game is free to cost. We can download it by the android store or official game website.

Details about significant currency:

To perfume well, you need to learn about the currency. In the gameplay three amazing currencies are used namely coins, NBA cash and Rep. All of them are beneficial for leveling up in the game, and you can quickly get the currency by the NBA Live Mobile Hack.


The coins are a basic currency, and it is used for purchasing many things. In the auctions house, we will get some coins packs. The players can earn it with all kinds of challenging tasks. We can go to some events, but stamina events are not part of it.

NBA Cash

The players can get it by paying some amount of real currency. In the game, we will grab 5 cash at once. It is used to buy some packs, and we can change some heroes’ skins.  The currency is essential for upgrading many items in the game.


It is showdown currency, and the players can get more tickets to unlock various matches. We can go with some coaches to upgrade the skills and Rep currency is spending on it.

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