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Golf Clash- Tips for New Players

Golf Clash- Tips for New Players

Golf Clash- Tips for New Players

If you’ve played this game, you would’ve known that this is not easy to play the game. Though this game is free to play and is available for both Android and iOS. Developed by Playdemic, this game is an arcade genre game and you can even play this game with your friends. This means that you have to connect with your Facebook account in order to play with your friends. If you want to play multiplayer without connecting your Facebook account then you will be directed to a stranger to play with and you can challenge them and play matches with them.

If you’re a newbie and don’t know much about this game then there is nothing to worry about. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks for new players that you guys can follow to master this game. So let’s get started-

•         Do practices every time you are playing and if you’re a new player simply go for the tutorial and it will guide you all the way up. This feature of the game is really awesome and can help a lot.

•         Don’t go straight to play with strangers instead start playing with your friends’ first and experiment new tricks and moves in order to learn fast without losing much.

•         Spend your currency wisely as it will help you a lot in future. Don’t just spend on everything even when you don’t need it. Spend according to your needs and look for everything before buying and if you have enough of something then use them first.

•         In order to earn a lot of in-game currencies keep trying something new, for example Golf Clash Cheats. You can even take parts in tours and it will surely let you earn a lot more. Though taking parts in tours can be really beneficial for you to practice moves and building strategies.

•         Keep upgrading your gears in order to make the most of your gameplay. Upgrading clubs can be very effective as upgrading those means to upgrade attributes which include power, spin, curl and everything your performance depends on. And this will result in a better performance.

•         Try earning chests by challenging different players and playing with them. Chests can let you earn a lot and it turns out to be very effective when you open chest to upgrade your club. All you need to do is to choose the desired club that you want to upgrade and open the chest after that. This will give you some parts on opening the chest and you can use them to upgrade your Club.

•         Trophies can be helpful and you can earn them by taking part in tours and different events and winning such events will give you a lot of rewards and Trophies.

Bottom Line

These tips mentioned above can be very effective if used in a proper manner. Try using all of these tips and tricks and this will make you a better player. I hope this guide work out successfully for you all.


Karl Stanley

Learn How To Play Homescapes

Learn How To Play Homescapes

Learn How To Play Homescapes

If you are playing Homescapes then there are lots of things that you need to know, find more info in wiki. Well, the most important thing that you know that you have to solve puzzles at every stage. You shouldn’t focus to clear all the pieces by matching them together.  Always try to achieve the goals which are not simple and easy. For this, you can use the power-ups and boosters which are the main in-game items. Players can either purchase them with money or by earning them in the game. Players should always try to collect more and more stars in order to decorate the home.

There is a list of tasks that you have to complete and here you can also check out the number of stars that each task will cost you. After checking them out, players can choose the tasks that they want to complete. After this, they can also get progress in the storyline and it is also one of the best benefits.

What’s more to know?

There are many other interesting gameplay elements and features available that are making the game more interesting. With the help of this, you can enjoy by playing the game. There are many home renovation tasks that you have to complete. For this, you have to check the to-do list where you can easily come to know how many stars you have to spend to complete each task. You should complete the tasks smartly and it will also make the home beautiful than before. By trying Homescapes Cheats and you can also show your creativity in the game that will also attract you to play the game.

Focus on the gameplay

If you are playing this game but don’t know what needs to be considered so they have to end up with various types of issues. It is important to pay attention to the gameplay so you can easily play it without having complications. While focusing on the gameplay, you don’t need to forget about earning currencies because it is also one of the important parts of the game. With the help of in-game currencies, players can buy lives, boosters and lots of other in-game items that will definitely improve their performance in the game.   

Well, it is also important for the players to keep some important tips in mind while playing the game. it will help them to enhance their performance and also to level up easily.

Karl Stanley

Things that make Toon Blast very special

Things that make Toon Blast very special

Things that make Toon Blast very special

Playing mobile game is a wonderful activity. You can really enjoy every pace of your life with them. They are very interesting and you can get rid of the daily tension of the life by playing games like toon blast.

People of every age group love to play such games which prepare them for the next day. You should also try to play this game because there are mind-blowing things available in toon blast game, so visit in facebook and try game.

You can enjoy many cartoon characters in this particular game. Many interesting rewards are presented in this game; you can make your gaming more challenging by setting up a target to get them.

Flexibility and unique concpet

1-    There is no doubt that in-app purchases are also available in the toon blast game. But the fun of playing the game is only possible when you know how to get on the top of the game.

2-    The graphical features and another concept of the game are very nice and will certainly take your heart away. You can also play this game with your friends and family members.

3-    The best part is that you can create your own team in this particular game. This makes everything very interesting because you can also exchange the extra life in the gaming world.

Unique challenges

–         Now you must be wondering that why most of the people prefer to play this game. This is so because there are lots of challenges available in toon blast game.

–         Very interesting episodes are given in this game to keep everything perfect. You should try your level best to get to the new level of the game. By doing this, you will be able to crack many new things.

–         You will be able to get the access to the new features of the game. This will create everything perfectly and you will be able to spend hours on playing this game.

How to win every time?

–         Certainly, tips can make everything perfect in toon blast game. You should try to explore every single tip carefully and use in your game. By doing this you will be able to enjoy it more than anyone else.

–         There are many different obstacles given to you in the gaming world of toon blast game. But by knowing the additional tips to solve them out, you will be able to stay in a better position. 

–         You can also know more about the unlocking the boosters. You can also fasten the process of your level up in it by following some very easy tips.

Save boosters

1-    Earning the boosters is a very important task in the toon blast game.

2-    You must know the fact that collection of the boosters is not a very easy task. For this, you will have to work hard and reach the start chest.

3-    Only after this, you will be able to get the great collection of the boosters. Thus you should not waste them up and try to save them up as much as possible for you. 

4-    You should use them only when it is very necessary for you. You can use them when you are near to clearing the level of the game.

Level up your game to 15

a-     You must also know the fact that leveling up your gaming is very important in toon blast game. This is so because here you can utilize the collected stars.

b-    By collecting 20 stars, you will be able to get the start chest. Getting the star chest will certainly make your efforts of collecting the stars useful. Without the start chest, they are worthless and you will not be benefited by them. You should also try your level best to utilize every single star, if you want get more stars you can use Toon Blast Hack.

These are some of the great tips and you can change your experience of playing the game with them in the toon blast game.