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Beginners should know How to Use the Flip Screen Camera

Beginners should know How to Use the Flip Screen Camera

Most of us are a fan of the digital camera, and it is used for taking professional photos. Today we see various photos, and it is important for many things. The people are using it for fun and collect the memories. Today the generation moves on the new technology, and the flip screen camera is one of them. It is trending on for making the YouTube videos, and the user can also take the amazing pictures. It is not necessary to take a picture on high light only, and by it, we can use it on the nigh mode also. The camera comes with a small screen and it moveable in any direction. Here we are telling you about how to use in it.

Hold perfectly to make an angle

First of all, the users must know about the holding posture because it improves your picture styles. Find the best angle to capture the videos. In the camera, some easy grips are providing the best comfort while using it. Click on the master button to flash the light and receive the desirable photos.

Choose the right light

Lighting is a significant part of the game, and you have to choose the right location. For the perfect picture, we need to go with natural lights. After taking the photos, the user can also edit some part of them.

Take the multiple pictures

A single click is not giving us remarkable outcome, and in the flip screen camera, you can get the multiple photos options in a single click. It is best for saving the time, and the user must click on it before portrait mode.

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The Sims Freeplay – Perform Activities Wisely


The Sims FreePlay is an excellent game in which you can live a complete life in a virtual world. The activities those are performed by characters or sims are controlled by the players. The outcomes or all the other changes in the game depend on these activities. Each activity is associated with some reward or bonuses. The players need to pay attention properly on all these things. If we talk about the XP level of the account then it depends on the earning of experience points. A player can earn experience points by performing several activities or completing tasks.

Importance of currency

With it, there are numerous other considerable things in the game. Mainly these ones are related to the development of the world. Players are required to construct several types of buildings. In the game, different types of buildings or units are featured for different purposes.

•         Residential units – considered as home

•         Community centre – perform or enjoy the hobbies 

•         Competition centre – participate in cultural activities or competitions to win rewards

•         Farms – grow crops and earn money

•         Bakery – earn money by selling baked goods

For constructing all these units, players are required to spend a good amount of money. The game is including two main currencies LP and simoleon.

Role of lifestyle points

The lifestyle points (LP) is considered as the special currency of the game. It is also knowns as the premium one and its reason is it can be used for buying premium things. There are several activities I the game on which players can spend huge amount of lifestyle points like – skipping long processes. When it comes to the collection then the players face lack of resources. The players can receive it some times as the reward but it cannot happen every time. You can buy the premium currency by spending an amount of real money or with sims freeplay money hack. For it, you need to take help from in-app purchases.

Detailed information related to simoleon

If we talk about the simoleon then it is an important currency. It can be spent for performing different types of activities in the game. In most of the activities, players can feel the existence of simoleon. With its help, players can build numerous buildings and develop the world in a speedy manner. For performing the activities in a perfect manner, players need to collect its huge amount first. The collection of currency is based on the efforts of players.

Claim the daily rewards

Gathering a big amount of the main currency is not an easy task. For it, players need to focus on numerous factors. The way of playing the game is one of the most important factors. If we talk about the effortless way to earn money then the option of daily reward comes first. The game provides an amount of simoleon as reward on daily basis. The players can claim the amount by tapping the mailbox feature. The amount of currency is provided by the game on the basis of a value of the town. When the town value is increased at that time the amount of daily reward will be increased.

Earn money from gardening

If players want to choose a way which can be accessible in more than one stage of life then they should consider gardening. The teens, adults, and seniors can choose the way of gardening for earning money. In case you are choosing the gardening then you need to be focused towards the factor of time. In the gardening or plantation time is playing an important role. For it, players need to buy a garden patch first and it can cost 20 simoleons. The players should choose the crop wisely.

Consider baking

For the earning money, there are different types of sources available. The baking is one of these options. The baking activities are almost similar to the gardening. As the players are required to spend an amount of garden patch. Similarly, in case of a bakery, players need to buy some ovens as the baking equipment. The baking process and numerous other things are based on the type of ovens used by them. After installing the ovens, players can easily bake several products and sell them.

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An Ultimate Beginners Guide For My Story Choose Your Own Path!


There are numerous fantasy story games available on play store and app store, but My Story Choose Your Own Path is one among them. In this game, you can create your story in your own way. Many places are available in-game to create a story, namely in wedding, island, and high school where players enjoy the game more.

However, each player needs to select their character according to the preference in the game to play the role. Not only this, but gamers can also give the best appearance to achieve daily rewards and bonuses. If any user wants to take diamonds and tickets in huge amount, then they can use My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats without spending your real money.

Top 2 Mandatory Elements!

The HD Graphics

My Story Choose Your Own Path is filled with full of high graphics. With the help of it, players can feel every action like a real pro. If we talk about in simple words that graphics help the users to take the real feeling of the stories and some various activities. 

Free of Cost

There is no need to spend any penny if you play the game or download as it is entirely free. It helps the players to enjoy the game as well as save more money or time. If you want to take premium currency, then you need to pay some amount to buy it. With the help of My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats, gamers can get an unlimited resource, which makes the game easier than before.

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3 Elegant Features We Must Know In Golf Clash

3 Elegant Features We Must Know In Golf Clash

If anyone wants to enjoy his favorite sports in mobile, then he can go with a specific game. In the internet many sports based games are available, and The Golf Clash is one of them. It is made by Playdemic for IOS and Android devices. The players can download the game by the Google store and game official website. In which several clubs and tours are present for a quick process in it. We need some special tools for performing well in the tournaments.

Coins and gems are vital currency, and we will earn it by getting the success in the live matches. Some effortless tools like The Golf Clash Cheats are also useable for more currency.  The players should learn all features of it, and here we are sharing single details regarding the game.

Quick gameplay

The gameplay is easy to understand, and millions of online players are active on it.  For getting a big victory, you have to proficient in controls and navigations. It is a basic part of the game, and the player can be familiar with it by spending short of time.

Chat with the players

The game allows us to chat with friends and opponents. We can use emoji to impressive talk, and it is the best features to meet with new people around the world.

User-friendly platform

The gaming platform is suitable for all kinds of players, and it comes with high visual graphics. You can see the detailing of each object and the players can complete matches in minimum time.

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Core Guide about the 3 Major Currencies in NBA Live Mobile


Youngsters confine to mobile gaming, and they are spending much time on huge numbers of games. Today one of the famous games is NBA Live Mobile. It is based on sports, and the game is published by the Electronic Arts.  In which we can enjoy the real-time basketball matches and test our playing skills.  Some legends are also available in it, and the game is free to cost. We can download it by the android store or official game website.

Details about significant currency:

To perfume well, you need to learn about the currency. In the gameplay three amazing currencies are used namely coins, NBA cash and Rep. All of them are beneficial for leveling up in the game, and you can quickly get the currency by the NBA Live Mobile Hack.


The coins are a basic currency, and it is used for purchasing many things. In the auctions house, we will get some coins packs. The players can earn it with all kinds of challenging tasks. We can go to some events, but stamina events are not part of it.

NBA Cash

The players can get it by paying some amount of real currency. In the game, we will grab 5 cash at once. It is used to buy some packs, and we can change some heroes’ skins.  The currency is essential for upgrading many items in the game.


It is showdown currency, and the players can get more tickets to unlock various matches. We can go with some coaches to upgrade the skills and Rep currency is spending on it.

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4 Shocking Features Of Plants Vs Zombies 2

4 Shocking Features Of Plants Vs Zombies 2


Plants Vs Zombies 2 includes 300 levels and many other complicated challenges which are played by millions of players. Basically, the game is really superb and becomes more impressive. You can easily being the game by growing the plants and keep the zombies away from your plants. Due to this, players can keep everything safe. PVZ 2 Hack is the most advanced and genuine technique which is used by players those are new and having a problem regarding the collection of currency. Now I am going to share some valuable facts regarding the game in further paragraphs.

Shocking features of the Plants Vs Zombies 2

Developers always try its best for making the game more attractive and amazing. Similarly, the Plants Vs Zombies 2 seeking the attention of every player in the gaming industry only because of its great features. Here are some features of the game-

  1. You can easily enhance the sunflower plant power. Therefore, if you want to aim for 2 rows of the Sunflower then you can easily support all the other of the plant buying. Simply attach them along with the potato mines in order to cover the sunflower planting.
  2. You can easily use the plant food on a plant in order to get a quick attack that you can use against the zombies.
  3. Players can kill the app in order to reshuffle the purple world deck which is really supportive in the game so pay attention to it.
  4. PVZ 2 Hack can make your rich in a couple of the seconds so you can easily use for generating the coins and gems quickly.
  5. Bonk Choy and the Spikeweed are really useful in order to survive pirate world so new players must pay attention to it.

Well, we have covered all the valuable details regarding the game so simply take its advantages. Even you can read the reviews online in order to grab more facts about the game. Sometimes it becomes quite complicated for the players to achieve the high ranking but some tips can change the whole gameplay.



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Army Men Strike – Overview



Building the warriors army in the game may make your puzzled in the Army Men Strike, but it is really important to survive in the game. Therefore, get ready to find some great elite toys that will give you the privilege to make the army and start the battle against the enemy on the battlefield. By using the Army men strike hack, you are able to attain free gold that is the most important currency of the game. Power rating on which you need to pay attention for taking its benefits so simply get ready to use it.  Now I am going to share some valuable facts about the Army Men Strike.

Game Progress

There are various kinds of sections in the game, where you can easily find the power rating. Mainhub UI that you will find in the power rating so simply checks out the green gun icon. When it comes to upgrading the building, then you can easily earn some details from new research. In addition to this, simply add the new officers, trainers and other things for upgrading them perfectly.  Army men strike hack make you rich in a couple of seconds so simply take its advantages in order to earn a huge amount of gold. Even you can easily achieve great power rating in order to show off some sort of prowess which deters player are quite weaker rather than you.

Losing from a raid

Suppose you attack on somebody but got failed to spoil at least 50% of its key standing building in the accurate time, so it will count as a loss in the game. Thus, you need to pay sometime in return as a penalty in the game when you get loose, so it means you will automatically get loss whole force that you have sent for the war in the other battlefield. It would be quite complicated for you but, that is the bitter truth so doesn’t take risk with that. You can read the reviews at different online sources in order to attain some more facts about the game, so this would be really supportive for you.


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3 Smart Techniques To Make Your Gameplay More Impressive In Bingo Blitz



Whether you are going to play a casino game, then you always expect good features from it. Similarly, you can easily check out the Bingo Blitz in order to play the casino game called bingo. No doubt, you may have played lots of bingo games, but smart and impressive features that you find at the Bingo Blitz are really impressive so you must check them out and start playing its levels. Credits and coins both are really important currencies of the game which are possible to attain along with the use of Bingo Blitz Hack. Now I am going to share some valuable facts about the game.

Smart techniques to play the game!

No doubt, the concept of playing bingo game is quite easy to understand, but have you ever play the bingo into the phone? If no, then don’t worry, now you will more and more benefits. Here are some more techniques that will make your gameplay interesting –

  1. Let me start from the collecting items that are available in the game, so now you can easily get up to 12 items which available in the game. It should be your goal to collect all of them as rewards.
  2. Don’t spend your real live money for buying the currency or any other item, because now you have the option called Bingo Blitz Hack that will help you to gain more and more benefits for free.
  3. You can also open the treasure chests those are available in the game so try to pay attention on the gameplay that would be really supportive for you.

Moving further, we have covered all the great facts about the game, so check out the tutorial first and then simply start playing different levels of the game that would be really supportive for you.

Shadow cards

They are kind of bingo cards which have the silhouette of a collection items on them. If a player happens to successfully call a bingo on the card, then he or she will automatically wins the item quickly.   



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2 types of VIP Passes for the Just Dance Game

2 types of VIP Passes for the Just Dance Game


Just Dance is a fun game offered by Ubisoft whose size varies when downloaded at distinct devices. The game is all about the learning skills of dance which you can easily develop with the aid of online resources and also without taking the manual help. Moreover you can easily learn the skills from game mode. Also you had to perform similar moves or steps to obtain maximum number of coins for your game. VIP passes are very essential for the play way and it is also important that you must know about the types which are associated with the game play of these passes.

Types of VIP passes  

Mainly there are two type of VIP passes which are beneficial to you during your play way. Just Dance Hack is the appropriate hacking device which help you to gain lot of VIP passes for free which means you had to pay nothing for achieving lot of VIP passes in your account. So let’s talk about the two useful forms of passes which are given below:

  • 24 passes- with the help of these passes, you can purchase the selection of songs for one time and it is also within the time limit of twenty four hours. Play more and more to get lots of coins and passes from your winning amount.
  • Long duration VIP passes- you had to choose a subscription either for a month or for a 3 month and it can also be for the 12 month. With the aid of it, select your favourite song for the long time. One of the best quality of its usage is that it get renewed automatically. The other option to get is done by the in-app purchases but here you had to spend the real world money to get infinite number of VIP passes. So play your best to get it for free and use them wisely for your song. Before the end of the subscription pack, the amount of the VIP passes is paid easily. So select for your subscription pack for better play way.


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Hide Online – How to Earn Currency in it!



It is significant for gamers to learn all basic or important things about the game before going to start playing it. Therefore, by considering the same thing in mind, you are provided with all general and essential information about Hide Online in Hide Online. They simply have to know that in the starting they are provided with a game tutorial. Now, they should take proper assistance from the game tutorial to know how to make deal with Hide Online in an appropriate manner.

Another main thing which all gamers of need to know is that they simply make use of the hacks and cheats option in it. With these two options, players get everything in the game which they require or want.  Some of the main things which they get in the game are like the in-game currency, rewards and many more things which are present in Hide Online. Also, they need to know that in Hide Online by making the use of Hide Online Hack, they get coins in unlimited amount.

Earn more and more coins by these methods

Here is some main ways present which players of the game become able to get currency in it. So, below are the main ways which players need to know –

  1. Gamers simply earn a good amount of currency in the game by watching more numbers of ads in it.
  2. They also earn currency in the game by applying the cheats and hack option in it. With it, they get everything in it like coins, rewards, and all significant things in unlimited amount.
  3. Players also earn coins in the game by completing more number of objectives, events, and challenges in it.

So, via these entire methods, one can simply earn a good amount of currency in it. The more and more they make use of these ways, the easier it becomes for them to go far in Hide Online.